Value Of Education In Prison

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Many people question what happens behind bars to those who have committed Federal crimes. Are these criminals days filled with eating, being locked up in their cells and an hour outside a day? For many this might be true, but for the inmates in Otisville, N.Y. their days are much different. Otisville has been greatly recognized as having developed one of the best educational programs in Federal prison systems. This reason pertains to the fact that over half of the inmate population is enrolled. A grand majority of the 60 percent of inmates have never had a proper education. Might this be a reason why they have made poor decisions in their lives? We truly can never know, but now many of them are seeing the value of having an education. A vast…show more content…
Having the ability to have a program in every prison could be a great business. Not only could a state or country benefit by teaching their criminals but this could also help them become successful after they serve their time. This could also be beneficial in the long run to communities, many individuals who has a parent in a prison system has a more likely hood to make bad decisions and end up incarcerated themselves then those who do not have parents incarcerated. This is a change that could reshape the business and society relationships. If the possibility of an education program could be in place in every prison or in major prisons this could strengthen communities, rise low income populations and educate more people. This type of educational program could create a work environment for those who were once inmates. From their not only would a business be created from the educational program but also from those inmates who serve their time and are…show more content…
Many people believe they should not. Why should an individual who has made poor choices have the opportunity to have an education, while many people still today who are free and are good citizens still don't have that opportunity. For one, a good amount of money is put for these inmates to have supplies for school like pencils, pens, paper etc. Also, a good number of fundraising goes to those needs and also the need of textbooks that can be pretty pricey. But still the number one and most important expect is the Teacher who willingly allow themselves to be around what you could call dangerous
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