Essay On Educational Technology In The 21st Century

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7 Educational Technologies in the 21st Century Technology is a powerful tool in today’s world. It is rapidly changing the world and improving the learning environment in schools. In order to cope up with this technological society, we need to acquire technological skills as technology enables us to do wonders, which are not possible through any other means. Not only in schools rather outside the classrooms technology has taken over and is being used effectively to enhance the standards of teaching & learning as well as generate social pay offs for equitable development. Today’s generation is growing up with the technology. In every age-group, people are spending their lives surrounded by and using computers, tablets, i-Pads, i-Pods, video games, cell phones, digital music players, video cams and other digital devices may it be at their homes, school / colleges or their workplaces. This revolution is more akin to the students who are getting transformed through this massive influx of technology and more specifically the cyber-world all around them. “What should we call these “new” students of today? Some refer to them as the N-[for Net]-gen or D-[for digital]-gen. But the most useful designation I have found for them is Digital Natives. Our students today are all “native speakers” of the digital language of…show more content…
These are computer based devices which can be worn by the users in the form of an accessory. The key feature of these wearable technologies is that it can keep the track of anybody’s sleep, movement, location and social media interaction and enables virtual reality. Another most promising advantage of these technologies is that one can easily send e-mail, messages and information on the behalf of the user- in the form of voice messages, gestures and other indicators which eventually help students and teachers to communicate with each other and keep track of the updates and
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