Explain How To Establish And Maintain A Good Relationship With Children

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To be able to build and maintain an effective relationship with a child/student you must be able to gain a trust with the child this may take time and may have set backs as they could try and push you away but standing by them and consistent with them , no matter how much they push you away keeping showing the child you are with that you are there for them.
The consistency and using the correct tone of voice and attitude towards the child will help to maintain a good relationship. Being able to recognize the signs of a change in a child’s behavior and knowing when a change in voice , actions and lack of eye contact the strategies to use to refrain the situation escalating. If a child has been targeting you as a person once the situation
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It is key to remember children and young people cant always understand the information small amounts of information and not complicate it. Over complicating can cause agitation which can cause confusion and out bursts of upset .
Making the person feel at ease around you will help the relationship to grow effectively . An effective relationship with other members of staff should again be all of the above , helping
,listening and showing trust and respect. The way we speak to people can effect a relationship speaking in a calm tone of voice and working as a team will help and maintain a good relationship.
As a member of a staff team working in a school you become a representative for the school,so setting a good example and showing good punctuality will show with in the work team. This will show how much the work team means to you helping your relationship to grow effectively. Asking a staff member for help shows that you value them. I personally think by showing the parent that we are educating and trying to excel their child to the best potential will help a relationship maintain as they put there trust in us as a team to educate their child so to pursue with this will help keep
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