Essay On Effects Of Abortion

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The Effects of Abortion on the Mother and Her Support Group Abortion is a universal subject that is talked about among many different denominations, races, and genders. Being aware of all the effects of abortion is important, especially when it may become a part of your life. Abortion has many problematic mental and physical effects on the mother and her support group. Abortion is open to all ages but for a minor, there must be parental consent. There are different forms of abortion such as induced, which is by a pill, or surgical where the baby is removed from the mother. Even though these procedures may seem safe and easy, abortion can become a burden. Abortion affects the mother and everyone involved in the mother’s life. Not many people think about the effects on the other people in the mother’s life such as the father, the grandparents, and even her friends. The effects may seem to only be mental, such as long term depression, anxiety, and withdrawal, but…show more content…
The feelings and experiences that the mother goes through comes from the mother’s regret of having the abortion, which is why the mother should be aware of all effects that come with an abortion. Abortion has been shown to be, through multiple studies done by professionals, associated with problems mentally in women post-abortion. Research was done and “found the overall rate of psychiatric admission was 18.4 per 10,000 for women who had aborted versus 12.0 per 10,000 for women who had delivered their babies” (“Abortion’s”). Because of some of these mental complications, this can cause the mother to develop harsh feelings towards things that remind her of the abortion. Abortion not only can cause poor mental health such as depression and anxiety, but it can also cause other problems in communication, relationship problems such as separation or divorce, and sexual complications
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