The Importance Of Pruning: How To Play Chess

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1) Introduction:
There are various definitions of play. Play or free activity takes place in human lives as it appear consciously in away from ordinary life as a non-serious activity but at the same time it absorbs the intensity. This activity is not connected to any material interest and no profit can be earned from it. It is performed according to its own rules during it specific time and space boundaries.
Chess is a very old game that has a long and distinguished history. Chess is believed to have Indian origins during the Gupta Empire where it was known as "Chaturanga" which is means four divisions of the military: infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariotry represented by the pieces we know in the modern chess: pawn, knight, bishop and
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Another skill that is important for a chess player is calculation which is a logical function; this skill is the prediction of the opponent movement and the consequences of each move. Pruning also is a needed skill which is narrowing down the moves that needs to be investigated because calculating all possible moves would make the player lose his concentration and get lost. Most people think that professional chess players calculate all the possibilities but the truth that they calculate less than that. Planning is an important skill that is required for a chess player, having a plan is a direction to a goal and reaching a goal s also made by smaller plans. Also having a plan is better than no plan. Without a plan there is no route to a goal which makes it hard to the player to pick candidate move, (Svare, 2013).
2) Materials:
The materials needed for a chess game are the chess board and the 32 pieces of chess. Chess board is composed of eight rows and eight columns, the 64 squares are coloured light and dark alternately. The pieces of the game should be set out with each queen on a square of its own colour. Each player has 16 pieces of one colour which are: a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two nights, and eight pawns. The first
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Dauvergne, chess is a very powerful learning tool to increase abilities of a child’s mind. And it is not a difficult game to play, especially for those who passed the age of six, are usually able to recognize the most basic rules. At this age, chess manage to develop persistence, patience and concentration. It can enhance as well creativity, anticipation and memory.
A study of Dr. Albert Frank (1974), shows that players of chess between the age of 16 and 18 had administrative-directional, strong spatial and paperwork abilities. This result did not derive from the existence of one ability only, but a large amount of aptitudes working together while playing chess. The study found also that chess enhanced their mathematical and language skills for players who practice the game for two hours at least once a week for one

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