Cause And Effect Of Broken Family Essay

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Many years ago, there was a saying which was highlighted, divorce parents result in unhappy children and it is still moving around in society. Rate of divorce has started to increase when some parents only concern about their own self-interest and children are paying price for their action as a result. The effect of divorce in family is an important issue that should be handled properly to maintain the welfare of the children. “Divorce is no longer taboo but it still damages children and for some children the suffering goes on into adulthood and even old age”. (Doughty.S., 2012) Even though the word divorce is common nowadays, it is still considered as a social disgrace which leads to family breakdown and the children continues to face irreparable…show more content…
This can be prolonging issue when the child refuses to talk or see the other parent due to the custody assuming not wanting them. As a rule, sadness will grow into fear, confusion, anger, depression, panic attacks and more. Adolescents usually feel ashamed over the situation therefore they hurry to reach their independent process to be on their own. They will eventually start developing fear and feeling insecure of what the future may offer them. In a nutshell, divorce has both positive and negative effects. Sometimes they are better off with single parent to avoid growing in abusive environment. Even though divorce is ending the disturbed relationship providing a better stable life for parents; it does effects children in many ways. Children are important part of the society. Parents should spend time in explaining what they are going through and how their children are feeling about the divorce. Children may feel as victims over this situation so parents should take children’s opinion into consideration. Parents should let them know that they will be loved by both parents and this is not their fault. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide positive environment and comfortable living even after their

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