Essay On Effects Of Feminism In Modern Society

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The effects of feminism on the modern society today can be linked deeply into history, where women fought for equality against men. Feminism is a movement which intends to persuade people on improving gender equality and strengthening women's status in society. A recent example of this movement will be Emma Watson's speech to the United Nations in 2014 These movements transformed the lives of many individual women and exerted a profound effect upon our present society throughout the twentieth century. The effects can be seen in the present where discrimination against women was reduced in workplaces and there are women who even more earn more than men. Feminism had brought about more positive changes in our society today than negative changes. It has brought both economic and social changes to the modern society. The rise of feminism was caused by 2 main factors, gender inequality and discrimination. The rise of these movements…show more content…
This policy took on many forms, such as flexible work timings, job sharing, temporary or permanent switch to part time, allowing work away from worksite, emergency leaves and parental leave. A family-friendly workplace or employer is one whose policies make it possible for employees to strike a between balance family and work, and to fulfil both their family and work obligations. In conclusion, feminism has changed the world both economically and socially. It has brought more positive changes than negative changes to the modern society. Feminism has changed the society in numerous ways, discrimination against women and gender inequality in workplaces were reduced. Women's wages are raised, employability rate has risen, and policies were brought into place to protect them and their rights. Concurrently, it has also brought about negative effect such as low birth rate and maternal

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