Gangs Effects On The Community Essay

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Gang effects on the community:
Gangs has their own culture and characteristics that includes their dress codes, identifying symbols, language, graffiti, drugs use &trafficking, use of other narcotics, and involvement in other illegal activities. However the nature and characteristics of gangs differ from community to community. Gangs however are found to be more prevalent in high crime areas and are also responsible for the majority of crimes committed.
However to understand the function of gangs within the community we have to delve once more into the definition which is characterized as an identifiable group of people who: are generally perceived as a distinct aggregation by others recognize themselves as an street identifiable group (almost invariably with a group name) have been involved in a sufficient number of delinquent incidents to call forth a consistent negative response from neighborhood residents and/or law enforcement agencies.

(Reference: Klein 1971; Klein and Maxson 2006)

According to Howell et al., (2002) most of the less-populated areas, including rural counties, that first experienced …show more content…

Even though some members face incarceration the street culture is most often transferred into the prison system and gang operations continue which often results in hits being called on people from within the prison walls. Although a major concern of residents is the more organized and violent gangs, the start-up gangs also instill fear in residents when troublesome behaviors involve intimidation, vandalism, graffiti, and occasional drug sales (Weisel, 2002,

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