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4. THE EFFECTS OF LEARNING ENGLISH LANGUAGE THROUGH MOVIE In terms of instruction, teaching English is supposedly not confined only to grammar; it should include several aspects of the language, such as the four skills (Al-Muhtaseb, 2012, p. 4). Language includes the four basic skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Furthermore, most of the EL learners have a good reading and writing skill compared to listening and speaking skill. They can easily read and write, but it is difficult for them to speak in the second language and talk about themselves (Yoshi &Flaitz, 2002) because always the major focus has been on writing skill. Students do many writing activities from the first year of their academic study until they write their research paper in last year and during the time; they will have almost some courses related to speaking and reading skills (Al-Muhtaseb, 2012). May someone wondering and asking which skills be able to be developed with movies? The…show more content…
At the beginning, many correct English statements will store in the head of EL learners, and then the learners through the process of drilling can learn the statements and make their own sentences. While watching English movies, the learner can be familiar with informal speeches and slangs that He/She is unable to find them in English dictionaries (Zarei 2008). English movies improve EL learners’ pronunciation and comprehension of spoken language, because if they cannot comprehend the movies, they will not have positive effects on the learners, and they cannot learn anything from the movie, even they won’t enjoy it. Furthermore, to comprehend the movies, the learner needs to know lots of English vocabulary with correct spelling and correct pronunciation (Zarei, 2008). “English movies can motivate students to learn vocabularies and understand the English language better "(Danan,

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