Essay On Effects Of Pornography On Adolescents

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Respondent 12, stated that pornography has no any positive effects on the adolescents because it is not part of the school curriculum. Also, most of his peers were badly affected most of them was addicted on drugs, some got Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). It can also result into making a way to satisfy the feelings of a person and uncontrollable sexual feelings or desires and turns into applying it to other people, that even when a person does not want to feel sexual arousal they will and they would not be able to control it and it may result into hurting other people just to satisfy themselves or in short, it can lead into sexual assault. Respondent 13 said that pornography became a diversion for teenagers in a sense that watching it gives them satisfaction and happiness in this obscene world. That is why he said that this became a…show more content…
It contains different sub-header that will talk different genre of the respondents' perspective. This theme will talk about respondent's different perspectives on: (A) Internet as Factor That Contribute to Exposure to Pornography; (B) Puberty as Factor in Seeking Pornography; (C) Positive Effects of Pornography; (D) Negative Effects of Pornographic Content and; (E) The Essence of Watching Pornography in Growing Up. Internet as Factor That Contribute to Exposure to Pornography The respondents highly believe that the rise of technology along with the internet contributes as to why they were exposed to pornographic content. Respondent 14 stated that internet plays a huge role in this matter. He said that internet and social media contributes a lot to an individual’s exposure to pornographic content because of its accessibility and convenience. Respondent 19 agreed because according to her, the internet allows people to freely watch it. Even a two year old child can access
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