Essay On Effects Of Pornography On Society

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Side Effects of Pornography on Society Eroticism is one of the most important and basic internal human drive that emerges early and stays lifelong. As Kinsey scale established, 30% of the baby boys have experienced orgasm before the age of one; and 100% boys before the age of 18. All societies have made efforts to socialize this universally experienced drive, giving us myriad ideas of socialization patterns. According to the cultural anthropologists, some common patterns that exists even today are, obsessive repression, or obsessive expression, symbolic transferences of sexual imagery and meanings to inanimate or other animate beings and sometimes by enjoyment. But making peace with eroticism has never been easy, not even today. Pornography is the implication of failure of socialization of eroticism. [Calderone, (1972)] Pornography usually means portrayal of sexually arousing representations to watch, read or hear. However, pornography, has two slippery concepts; erotic and obscene. [Slade, (2000)] Erotic material is primarily stimulating and…show more content…
Children do not think much before accepting what is taught to them by media or technology on first hand. Secondly, constant exposure of a certain form of act conditions the mind of people, both young and aged for that matter. Thus, it is utmost crucial to decide what stimulus should the society be exposed to. The porn industry should not be banned altogether as it is a source of livelihood to a large mass and sexual gratification is not an offence. However, it should be censored. Certain boundaries should be drawn. But before that, topic of pornography has to be taken out of the awkward silence. The implications should be openly discussed and debated in schools and colleges specially to come to a concrete conclusion. Only then can the situation change to

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