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Effects of poverty - Why is poverty a problem?
1. The sheer amount of people living in poverty
Whilst it’s probably true that poverty cannot and never will be completely eradicated because of factors such as public services not being able to reach out to the entire global population, people’s unwillingness to receive education or seek employment and so on, it is impossible to ignore the fact that almost half the world’s population today are living beneath the poverty line (set at USD2.50 a day). [1]
Although this data is relatively outdated, recent censuses and investigations show that although the proportion of people living in poverty has declined slightly, numbers remain approximately the same due to a growing global population. Therefore, poverty is a problem that every single person, regardless of their wealth should not take lightly because
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Therefore, there is a connection between poverty and crime. The more the number of people living in poverty, the higher the crime rate, which is obviously bad from a social perspective because it compromises safety and security in the region/country. Furthermore, many people living in poverty are homeless, which forces them to live on the streets, showing the failure of the state to adequately provide for them.
8. LEDC’s point of view
It is easy to see why countries with large proportions of their populations living in poverty are interested to reduce that number, both for the good of their people as well as the future development of the country. After all, the objective of a government is to ensure its people are able to survive with an adequate quality of life, something that is unachievable by those living in poverty. Therefore, these governments are the ones which are actively seeking solutions to combat poverty, be it through domestic policies or foreign aid.
9. MEDC’s point of

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