Essay On Effects Of Road Accidents

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According to National Safety Council, “Accident is an occurrence in sequence of events that produces unintended injury, death or property damages.” As in this global era, road accident can be known as common tragedies that keep increasing from year to year. Based on references, it showed the review of the factor and effect of road accidents which occur in this century. Therefore, road accidents may cause damages of property, death or serious injuries. Accidents that occurred frequently because of common factors have been investigated and research has been made to find out how to avoid these cases in future. It also can help any parties to search the solution to overcome road accident problems. In addition, road accident can affect the human or
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Most of the drivers think that the rules and regulations of the road are not important to them. Therefore, it may come out with these factors or causes of road accidents. Based on this study, human factors are the major factor of road accidents that causes many death and serious injuries. It can be categorized as sleepiness and fatigue and also driver’s behaviour while driving. The research highlighted that the most damaged vehicle are caused by road accident is car. This is because mostly people own car as their transport to fulfil their daily routine. In addition, the effects of road accidents may incur some costs such as maintenance cost or medical treatment cost. Further researches are needed to find the solution of road accidents that occurred in transport industry. This can help in reducing the number of accidents on future including rate of death and also develop the transport industry. However, the drivers itself need to be more careful and obey the rules made by the government. The government also should play their important roles of responsibility towards people and transport
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