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How do the terrorism affect the world As we can all see , so many places are having terrorism and the other places may be they will have . Terrorism began from long period of time. Terrorism began mainly from the 14 century. It was an organization of terrorists that are mainly in Rome , and they did so much of firing and killing , but it was not as today and this group called dragger-men . the Assasins were the next group , it was huge organization , that were usually in the islamic countries and they are find until now, but in a small group . people around the world donot feel secure and safe anymore , they think that maybe they are coming for them today or tomorrow . tourism can also be affected by terrorism. Tourist will not leave their…show more content…
fear is one of the major effects of terrorism. Fear in people can change into something bigger and bigger , and it is mental health . mental health can be in a form of stress or nervous or anxity. 36% of the people that live in county that has terrorism has mental health. And that is because they do not feel safe anymore. Could you imagine that ? living in your home and you do not feel safe or hanging out with your friends and in your heart, you feel afraid and unsecure. And there is 3.56% trying to kill themselves from terrerosim. many people think that the terrorism groups are related for different reasons. For example, the buring in lebnon after it , the terrorism in france .this 2 scenes made the people think about whether this groups are related or they are the same group . for my opinion, I think the government of the countries that has terrorism should do something not just standing there watching the people dying in front of them , also the countries with terrorism should unite to defend their country. because this countries are fighting with each other forgetting the main enemy and that is the terrorism groups . unity is the solution . safty and secure should be earned by the government and given

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