Essay On Effects Of Unemployment On Family

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The purpose of this paper is to understand the effects that unemployment has on the family as a whole. ? Viet lai HOOK
In today’s society being unemployed impacts greatly on almost every aspect of an individual’s life and depending on their personal circumstances, it is likely to impact on other family members lives too. Unemployment is really a big problem for all the countries in the world. The rate of unemployment is growing up and it threatens to the development of the country. In the scope of the family, living on a low income can bring multiple stresses such as food and fuel poverty, debt, dispossession, and restricted social opportunities – affecting family relationships, harming parents’ physical and mental health, and contributing to feelings of stigma, isolation, and exclusion for the whole family. Unemployment may affect sensitively on family. Family is the nucleus of society and it has a very important role for the existence and development of society. It is necessary for people to understand the consequences of it to have the solution for yourself.
When the breadwinner of a family loses his or her job, the entire family is adversely hit by the effects of unemployment, fixed income will be dramatically reduced or cut off. All household spending will be adjusted, cut down to fit the little monthly amount. So the quality of life will be changed
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When unemployment occurs, nutritional requirements will be limited. Daily rations will be reduced, the level of nutrients in the meal will not be guaranteed. Sometimes starvation will happen if unemployment lasts too long. So health will be seriously affected. And needs regular health checks will be cut off, sometimes the cure will not be met in time. When unemployment, social insurance premiums will be reduced, or health benefits from the company will no longer offer. Therefore, access to the same with depression, mental health goes down is

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