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There are many problems face a lot of countries around the world that effects their economic, decrease their currency and putting them into a debt. The most important problem effects most of the country’s economic is the unemployment problem which marks the country’s value. Unemployment happens when a person in the search for a job but unable to find it. And unemployment is often used as barometer of economic health. The size of the unemployment problem in Egypt was calculated by UNICEF. We've got 27 million people in the labor force, 23.5 million people are employed and 3.5 are unemployed which means that the unemployment’s rate is 13%. There are 78% people their ages ranging between 15-29 years are not working, 46% of them are aged as 20-24 years and 22% are ranging…show more content…
Employees will always hire the most qualified person based on their resume, or brief account of one’s education and professional experience. On the other hand the effects of unemployment are many are due to the following reasons. There are two kinds of effects emotional and psychological. Unemployed people start feeling unimportant and worthless because they thought that they are can’t do anything and it will lead to drink alcohol, Tension at home and suicide case. The Crime and violence will increase and the Standard of living will decrease as much as the economic The country should find job for unemployed people in order to raise the country economy. In my opinion the country should help these people by improving the education system, offering training courses and opening new factories. The Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) is an organization that introduces education, information, advocacy and leadership to fight for the rights of the unemployed and poor people without taking any kind of profits. Also it's fighting for fair payments and Jobs for over 30

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