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The Effects of Urbanization on our Environment The purpose of this research is to highlight the effects of urbanization on our immediate surroundings. The goal is to outline the processes that comprise urbanization and how these processes have affected the different parts of our environments. This was done by analysing past articles and journals on urbanization. Due to the increased rate of urbanization in the world today, environmental pollution has increased at an alarming rate, leading to problems such as creation of heat islands, global warming, water pollution, and erosion. This paper stresses on the effect of urbanization on land, water and the air. I have carried out research on the different effects of urbanization on the different components of our environment and it has led me to conclude on the existing causes and effects of urbanization on our environment. Although urbanization is good for the development and progress of mankind, we have to take into consideration the effects which it has on our environment. Urbanization can be said to be a gradual rise in the proportion of people living in urban areas accompanied with an increase in the amount of industrialization of a settlement. It signifies the mass movement of individuals…show more content…
In actuality, in the 1800 urban areas were tagged as unhealthy and unsafe places to live. Due to the high influx of people and the high population density in urban areas there was an increase in the spread of diseases and exploitation of resources. As a result of the increase in the spread of disease, urban areas had higher death rates than rural areas. Subsequently, resources, both natural and artificial, were overstressed due to the large population density and consequently led to inadequacy. Certain individuals in urban areas are deprived of some of resources due to the large population and limited

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