Cardiac Efficiency Essay

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Cardiac efficiency The idea of efficiency was developed in early 19th century with the development of steam engines. The total energy output of the system used to be less than the amount of energy input. The majority of the energy was used up in the form of friction and heat. With the advent of science the efficiency of the machines improvised but still it’s not possible for the machine to give 100% efficiency. Resembling very closely with the mechanical engines, our heart also uses highly concentrated energy from food sources. To improve the efficiency of a machine, the energy must be readily available and the fuel source must be highly compact with a very high calorific value. Our body has also devised such an efficient system through the…show more content…
Larger the ventricles, more is the internal work done to pump out blood by the muscle cells and more is the oxygen consumption. This leads to decrease in the mechanical efficiency of the heart. In various pathophysiological cases like Congestive Heart Failure, ventricular myopathies, ventricular hypertrophies etc. the efficiency of the heart decreases. And the progression of the disease is associated with the efficiency. So in a case of machine we do servicing regularly to maintain an optimum output and keep it cost effective. In the same way, to maintain our heart in optimal working condition we must exercise regularly and give our body healthy…show more content…
It is very important that we must try to fully understand the components taking part in entropy generation. The most important factor is friction. The major chunk of internal work is done to overcome friction. The friction lies at the microscopic and macroscopic level. Microscopically the various molecules are rough in a three dimensional space. They combine together to form the various cardiac muscle fibers and the environment surrounding the blood flow inside the muscle. When the heart is pumping, it is doing work against the pressure, the friction between the various components like the muscle fibes, the blood cells, striking of the blood against the blood vessels, closure of valves etc leads to generation of heat and increase

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