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Egg Drop Project The egg drop is a classic science experiment, but it can still be pretty intimidating if you 've never successfully completed it. To drop an egg without breaking it, you need to find a way to minimize the force of the impact and its effects on the delicate eggshell. The best ways to do this are to cushion the egg while also changing the way it drops and the way it lands. You can also soak the egg in vinegar to soften the shell so that it can absorb more of an impact. 1 - Use cereal. Surrounding the egg with cereal can be a surprisingly effective way of distributing the force of the impact. For best results, choose a "puff" type cereal over something with flakes. These puffs contain a decent amount of air and make better cushions.[1] Wrap the egg around with wet paper towels. Place the…show more content…
These airy, soft foods can be used like cereal or packing materials. The basic idea is to surround the egg with enough of a cushion using these foods to reduce the force of the impact the egg faces once it lands. The exact container you use does not necessarily make a difference, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure that the container is large enough so that you can cushion the egg around all sides, just in case the egg lands on its side instead of on the top or bottom of the container. You also need to make sure that you have enough marshmallows, popcorn, or similar soft food to fill the container completely. If not, the egg might move around inside. Marshmallows and popcorn both work so well because they contain so much air. You could try other types of food, as well, but the food you choose should either be very soft or very airy. Fill the container halfway with marshmallows. Place the egg in the center of your marshmallow nest, then carefully fill the rest of the container with marshmallows, as well. Make sure that the entire container is filled but do not press down on the egg as you pack the

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