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Waste disposal and landfilling has been one of the major issue in Malaysia. The number of landfilling in Malaysia has increased from 49 in 1988 to 161 in 2002, and the number is still increasing alarmingly. The scarcity of land has increase the cost of landfill tremendously causing waste disposal to be expensive. High disposal of waste may pose treat environmentally as such as contamination to the surface water, soil and ground water. Malaysia massive amount of biogenic wastes, palms oil fuel ash, rice husk ash, sawdust ash/ash from timber.

The improvement of the agricultural industry in our nation is developing quickly, especially the cultivation of oil palm. Malaysia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world. As indicated by the past study, for a time of one and a half
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The majority of the eggshell waste is ordinarily arranged in the landfills without pre-treatment since it was generally useless. In spite of the fact that eggshell is known as common strong waste which is non-risky, it might draw in rats and worms because of the natural protein lattice that may posture medical issue to the general population.

On top of that, it may affect the health of exposed populations and ecosystems. Not much research has been conducted for eggshell. Eggshell powder which is rich in CaCO3. Amu et al. (2005) used eggshell powder as stabilizer of lime in clay expansive soil. Besides that, eggshell is also used as stabilizing material to increase the liquid limit and plasticity index of lateritic soil.

Fundamental purposes behind utilizing self-compacting concrete are to guarantee compaction in the structure., particularly solid work in limited zones where vibrating compaction can be put effectively in complicated formwork and dense reinforcement. Furthermore, self-compacting concrete can eliminate noise during concrete works due to vibration with more

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