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Egyptian Art is one of the most prominent eras that introduced stylistic conventions that were widely used in the making of art. Egypt was home to many kings and dynasties that developed their own style, the Old Kingdom is known for their grand building projects, the Great Pyramids. The Palette of Narmer, (Slate, C. 3,000 BCE. Old Kingdom, Egypt) showcases the culture of Egypt through representation while creating a narrative through a wide-scale of subjects. Bull-leaping Fresco is another example of representing ideas/cultural beliefs though artworks such as paintings. Strong Influence of Minoan and Egyptian culture impacted on the many arising styles, this gave us heavy narratives within the art to fully understand the ideas and concepts being depicted. The Old Kingdom is the beginning…show more content…
The Old Kingdom was a time of social and political stability, despite increasingly common military excursions to defend the borders. The growth led to great creativity which was turned into elaborate tombs, paintings and sculptures. Carvings within materials and walls decorated the interior of pyramid temples and tombs. Egyptian sculptors were adept at creating lifelike figures that also express a feeling of strength and permanence consistent with the unusually hard stones from which they were carved. Mentioned from the Department of Egyptian Art, “They perfected the art of carving intricate relief decoration and, through keen observation of the natural world, produced detailed images of animals, plants, and even landscapes, recording the essential elements of their world for eternity in scenes painted and carved on the walls of temples and tombs” (C H. Roehrig).
The Palette of Narmer, (Figure 1) is an Egyptian narrative work of art. It is the earliest extant of hieroglyphics, arrangement of symbols which each contained independent meanings of their culture. The primary function was

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