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Slavery Slavery as a world has been a ill part in our past and in some places it is still in the present. In the book The house of Scorpion El Patron has many slaves some more enslaved others in Opium. Like the eejits when matt returns to Opium, at the end of the novel. The eejits are still enslaved although Now he has the power to free them. Matt has always had a very unique situation than the others in Opium.Opium has been under the iron fist of El Patron for the longest. There is not really a way to escape. Even if you did escape to Aztlan you would be under the control of the keepers.
The people in opium are not allowed to leave Opium because of El Patron 's hold on everything. El patron won 't even let the people he doesn 't like leave such as Felicia and Tom. When Felicia ran away to be with Mr.McGregor El patron made her come back to Opium.Therefore she is now depressed,unhappy,drunk trapped in Opium. Although everybody is confined in Opium the eejits are the most enslaved out of everybody. The
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Opium and Aztlan are controlled by two certain people. One of the places with more benefits than the other. Opium is dominated by the iron fist of El Parton. Aztlan Is governed by the keepers. In Opium you have more options. In Opium you get good food and a free place to stay. In Aztlan you have to fight for what you have, your food,your house, and your money. You don 't have to worry about that in Opium. I would personally like to live in Opium rather than Aztlan. The slavery that happens in the book and our world today is an example of how human life is not appreciated. As humans we should all have some sort of mutual respect for human life. People were not put on this earth to be slaves. And no one ever has a good reason for enslavement. In conclusion I think that the slavery in the book teaches us about how too much control can result in bad

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