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The needs of an elderly person and a child of about one years old can be unbelievably similar. Infants and some elderly need the frequent or occasional assistance to walk, cook, eat, bathe, etc. As we begin to grow older, our needs reverse to that of a child. Although their needs are similar, it is important to know the difference between the two kinds of people and the emotions behind their needs. Products for both infants and elderly people should be designed to meet these specific needs. Shoes, for example, need to have carefully designed elements to assist both age groups in putting them on, taking them off, comfortability, and walking. First, it is important to know the emotions that are behind the needs of each age group. We can agree that both infants and the elderly need to be able to walk easily by themselves. However, the…show more content…
Neither age group will purchase or find interest in a shoe that looks intimidating. Children find ease and interest in anything colorful, musical, and bright; while elderly men and women prefer more neutral colors. For that reason, each pair should be designed accordingly. The child’s shoe design will have bright colors and imagery. While the elderly’s shoe design will be kept simple to a one to two neutral color minimum. It is also important to note that the velcro strap will also serve as a less intimidating feature. To conclude, the elderly and infants have similar everyday needs, but the emotions that occur behind these needs are different. It is important for both age groups to boost their self-esteem and independence for different reasons. The elderly need to feel in control and maintain their dignity, while infants need to gain pride in developing new skills. The shoe designs for each age group are similar in some ways, like the implementation of velcro straps, while others like structural support differ. Overall, thoughtful design can help people become their ideal

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