Protection Of Elderly People Essay

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Abstract: Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age are different stages in the human beings life cycle. All these phases of lives have different symptoms, characteristics and inevitable biological consequences. These stages generally come one after another very naturally. But, strangely enough, people seldom think that one day they will have to be old someday or other and leave this world. However, number of older people in the society is increasing day by day. This is due to advancement of medical technology and certain other factors which have resulted longer life expectancy of elderly people in the society. But, majority of the elderly people today have become victim of exploitation, negligence, physical and mental torture and harassment, ill-treatment and carelessness by the near and dear one. This has created an uncertainty in the minds of everyone in this society and has led the society towards destruction of social values and eroded the relation between human being slowly but surely. Government has enacted laws and certain steps have also been taken. But, these are not sufficient as the majority of the elderly people are still suffering a lot. So, laws should be applied properly and more concrete steps should be taken by the government to protect these vulnerable sections of the society. However, this paper will discuss the existing legal…show more content…
The Author tries to discuss the importance of the older people in the society and their pathetic conditions. Author highlights some of the steps taken by Government of India to protect the rights of the older persons and various national legal instruments in this regard. I have also discussed some latest cases by Indian Judiciaries. Finally, I have also made some suggestions to protect the interests and rights of the older

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