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The elderly population is large in general and growing due to advancement of health care education. These people are faced with numerous physical, psychological and social role changes that challenge their sense of self and capacity to live happily. The present study was conducted to assess the relationship of specific satisfaction in biogerontology and social gerontological and medical gerontology. The present study reveals that health supports is positively and highly significantly related to using care services and suffer from disease of aged persons. The main purpose of this research was to find out the mean difference between old age home and residing in their home in suffer from disease and using care services .The total 120 elderly (60 elderly in old age home and 60 residing in their home) of age range 60-80 year. The study was carried out in lucknow. Multistage sampling technique was fallowed in the present study. The samples of this study were personally and individually contacted and data was obtained through face to face interview. The research tool for hospital anxiety and used the care services and health care scale was used .and the test was applied to check the difference of…show more content…
The elderly person is dynodes as a person who has completed 60 year or more. The United Nations generally uses age 60 as the lower limit to define elderly population (United Nations.1993, 2005).The national practices, however, vary in defining the aged .In development countries where considerable ageing in population has occurred, and where people are healthier and where life expectancy is very high (75 year and above) the elderly is defined as a person of 65 and over. The censor of India although provides data on aged 60 years and above. India demographer while studying the demographic and socio-economic aspects as an indicator of ageing (visana, 2006 Iruduya Rajan

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