Essay On Electoral College Should Be Abolished

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The United States is a realm of democracy. We the people have the rights to choose and elect our leaders at the national, state, and local level. On the national level, our president is elected by the people of the United States. However, in a presidential election, our popular votes don’t go directly into the race. Instead, we use an indirect method to elect our president through the Electoral College. The 2016 presidential election well demonstrated the possibility that the electoral college could generate a different outcome with the one of popular votes. It also brought back the controversy about whether or not we should continue to use this method to elect our president. The Electoral College system, as an indirect election measure, has various drawbacks and should be abolished and changed to a more widely-accepted method to encourage people to cast their votes that truly represent their interests, given the fact that we have reached a point that the technology is mature enough to help us to do…show more content…
At the point, I wonder when we will truly have the ability to choose our national leader. By picking our president entirely in light of who the majority of our masses picks, without the wire of the Electoral College, the vote of each American would hold measure up to weight and hugeness. Under the new framework, when we vote in favor of the president we would genuinely be voting in favor of the president, rather than “teaching” our electors on how we oblige them to vote. It legitimizes considering that it may be a flawless opportunity to scratch off the Electoral College and depend totally on a nationally commended vote to pick our president. With the Electoral College, the voting force of the comprehensive group has been crippled and unequally appropriated over our country. Thus, it is probable that we should start to review our election
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