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T 1. WHAT IS AN ELECTRIC KETTLE An electric kettle is a very common household item primarily designed to heat water efficiently and conveniently through the use of an electrical resistor. Designed to surpass the less efficient stove-top kettles, all they require is an available electrical power outlet. They do not run the risk of boiling dry as they turn themselves off once at boiling temperature by using a thermostat. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS The kettle has been an appliance that has been evolving for thousands of years. The earliest kettle discovered was from Mesopotamia, dating back to around 3000 BC. They were made from hammered bronze and usually had a decorated spout. An example of this is the Russian Samovar. Up until the invention of the electric kettle, kettles were placed over a flame, and generally took over 10 minutes to come to boil. Tea and coffee drinking became more popular during the 17th and…show more content…
During the late 50’s, the invention of the lightweight of the lightweight but durable and heat-resistant Polyacetal was the first place to be ever used in the body of the kettle, previously plastic was restricted to at most the handles of the kettle. Also, during the late 50’s and early 1960’s, more manufacturing technology was developed, which in effect lead to a significant increase of mass production. Along with an increased economy, this meant that kitchen appliances become drastically cheaper and became essential in everyday life. From there the plastic polypropylene took over in the 1970’s, which in effect lead to the jug shaped kettle becoming the dominant type of electric kettle. More features were introduced such as a water level gauge and detachable filters, until in 1986 the invention of the cordless kettle was introduced. The base of the kettle could be detached on the table separate to the kettle to make refueling and pouring significantly

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