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THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM YOUR LIFE SUPPLY The electrical system of your car is made up of three important components the starter, alternator, and battery. The battery provides life to the starter and acts as the heart of the car. In turn, the alternator provides the energy needed to power up the vehicle like using a defibrillator to kick-start the heart. If any one of these parts does not function properly, your car will not start. Our technicians are experts in the field of car battery service! They will perform an electrical system check making sure that everything is working, as it should. This will help to pinpoint problems occurring with the electrical system. If they find a problem, they will let you know and help to fix it. They are skilled…show more content…
However, with an electrical system check you can prevent different scenarios from happening. Firestone Complete Auto Care is a car battery recovery that can help you identify these warning signs. We start by checking if the starter is drawing enough current. If there is an excessive current draw, it indicates a worn starter. While a lower, current draw indicates that corroded cables or connections could be present. There is no need of worrying as our experts can fix it! The Alternator Sometimes you do not need to have a car battery replacement. The alternator could also be a culprit as it keeps the battery charged and the electrical system running. One cannot start your ride with a faulty alternator. A faulty alternator can still let your car run for a while, but not for an extended time. The only way for you to know if the alternator needs replacement is as follows: • The electrical system of the car will perform erratically, • The battery will discharge, and • Eventually the engine loses power. With a complete electrical system check, here at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we can help! We are your 24-hour battery service Singapore provider. We are able to tell if the alternator is generating the proper amount of voltage and current. This provides, you with a thumb up before it decides to

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