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The root cause for the electricity crisis in Pakistan is an imbalance of supply and demand. For years, Pakistan has seen an ever expanding population, directly contributing towards a shortage of energy. Electricity in Pakistan is distributed through a multitude of electricity companies. Much like U.S companies, such as ComEd in Illinois or We Electric in Wisconsin, electricity in Pakistan is supplied through local such as Hero Electric Pakistan (HEP) near Lahore Pakistan. This is where the concept of supply and demand comes into play. According to Michael Hughes, a political writer for the Huffington Post, “The installed power capacity in Pakistan is at 20,000 megawatts, and shortages can run as high as 7,000 megawatts during peak demand in the summer... by 2030 demand is projected to peak at 100,000 megawatts” (Hughes) Due to the rapid increase in population, and the faulty structure of the power system in Pakistan, electricity companies are often faced with shortages, as the power capacity simply can not handle the increased stress, often creating massive…show more content…
Load shedding is indeed a major issue in Pakistan especially considering that “many Pakistanis still face up to 22 hours of loadshedding a day” (Stacey) This is indeed quite a large time period for loadshedding to occur for the Pakistani people, and makes one wonder how this is the case. Apparently, load shedding is directly caused due to power companies not delivering an adequate amount of electricity due to high demand and limited supply. Both government and citizen, should actively work together with electricity companies in order to come up with a resolution to the large shortage of supply, and deliver demand to its customers. Assessing the damage, loadshedding is doing to the country is indeed no small feat, as the increasing number of people being put out of work directly correlates to the

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