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1.1 Background of the Study
Electronic voting system (EVS) also known as e-voting is a term enveloping several different types of voting including electronic means of counting votes. Poor electoral system stimulates election related violence with far reaching consequences of eroding peoples ' trust and confidence in democratic process (Alemika 2011). Electronic voting technology can include punched cards, optical scan voting systems and specialized voting kiosks (including self-contained direct-recording electronic voting systems or DRE). It can also involve transmission of ballots and votes via telephones, private computer networks, or the internet.
Nowadays, voting in general and local elections are organised by electors with traditional method of voting which is voting paper and ballot boxes, this method reveals some kind of negative situations, such as placing voting paper in the wrong ballot box, having one person thumb print on a lot of voting papers or even snatching of ballot boxes in attempt to rig the voting system, problems with counting as well as loss of time when there happens to be objections, cost of printing paper and other expenditures are some of the disadvantages of this traditional system. The secret ballot system is an elementary instrument for protecting the freedom of choice for voters, for this reason new technology is required to make the voting system more trustable, economic and faster,
Biometric functionalities are methods of identifying a person based on physical characteristic. Biometric functionalities consist of
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Disadvantages of the existing system are:
High cost of implementing, the cost of the ballot paper printing, storage, transportation and security of ballot paper as well as employing more staff, which maximizes human being mistakes in voting and final result as well as increased expenses of the

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