Being An Elementary Teacher Essay

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Organization: Topical pattern

Audience analysis: My audience consists of one white older-aged woman, one younger-aged male and one older-aged male. Two are employed in Virginia, where the other is employed in North Carolina.

Topic: An elementary education teacher promotes growth and development in children's education and well-being.

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how an elementary teacher can serve as a platform for promoting growth and development in children's education and well-being which God values according to the Bible (Prov. 4:13, Prov. 22:6, Deu. 11:19).

I. Attention-getter
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
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Credibility Statement
I have gained a lot of information and knowledge of this job through experience in the field of working in daycares and a Christian school for the past 4 years and through strong research.
IV. Purpose or Thesis Statement
If you are someone who strives to help children grow mentally and developmentally and model God given roles and abilities being an elementary teacher would give you a chance to become part of a great career. V. Preview Statement
In the next few minutes, I will discuss the importance of this job field, explaining, at first, the growth of education as teachers, second, the requirements of becoming a teacher and, third, the rewarding opportunities that being an elementary teacher can give someone interested in the field and how God impacts students through the modeling of the teacher.
Transition: Now lets look into the growth of education.

I. Main Point 1. The growth of elementary education.
A. As the profession grows from 2016 and 2026, "about 104,100 jobs will be added to accommodate an expected increase in school enrollment" ("Elementary School Teacher Ranks Among Best Jobs of 2018", 2018).
B. As more student's enroll into school, one can infer that this will open up more jobs for teachers depending on the
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