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In the following essay. I will be discussing the various elements of cinema. The elements which will be discussed include, cinematography, movement, narrative and lastly editing and montage. These elements will be defined and their importance within the cinematic world will be explored and elaborated on.
Cinematography is defined as the science or art of motion picture photography by recoding light or other electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light sensitive material such as a film stock. (Crimson 2018).
Various components such as filters, lenses, framing, lighting, shot angles, and composition make up cinematography. Cinematography is necessary as it relays the viewpoint to the audience in a manner which is comprehendible to the audience. Cinematography is important because it translates the narrative through visuals and shooting scheme or angles. It adds value to the film and seeks to create a fake real world in which the
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The setting refers to the surroundings or environment of anything. It may also be the time and place in historical context. The setting within narrative shapes the whole tone and mood of the story and paints a world which the audience can relate to. It represents the real world in an artistic sense and it complements the narrative.
Narrative is important in film as it is essentially what carries the entire message of the film. Narrative has the ability to spark political debate and raise awareness on issues such as social injustices and inequality. The narrative can at times be the voice of the public.
The last element to be discussed is editing and montage. Editing is the art in which shots are assembled to form a coherent sequence. Elliot Grove (2012). It is important in creating the narrative space. The job of an editor I to piece the narrative together in a coherent

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