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Solutions to the elephant poaching crisis.

Imagine this:

Your on a safari traversing the Sahara while riding among a stunning elephant. As you all examine the majestic beast, all of a sudden, you hear a loud Bang. suddenly, you see a group of buggies surrounding the creature and your car.Though no incidents of such situations have been recorded, every day, according to the U.N, “around one hundred elephants are killed by poachers”, which poses a problem for the species. As the populations dwindle, experts are searching for a solution, but each solution has a consequence that can be unpredictable, which is posing uncertainty as Africa’s giants disappear.
Uncanny helpers To stop elephant poaching in Africa, experts are focusing on people
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According to Investopedia, The black market is a deep web of real world and virtual markets where illegal goods and even people are sold for either higher or lower prices than anywhere else. On the black market, ivory is used like money. As I said earlier, to try and lessen circulating ivory and smuggled ivory. This action has only pushed the black market sales of ivory farther and made it more demandable. To help counteract the illegal ivory trade world governments are hiring officers and hackers to help get rid of both real world and virtual sales and hunt down buyers and sellers. Even though the stakes are high, including prison sentences, as long as someone is willing to buy it, someone will sell it like a drug.

Bring on the fakes As of recent times, a new solution is being developed. The idea was presented by a journalist by the name of Bryan Christy. He has recently hired the taxidermist George Dante, who is tasked with building a trackable fake ivory tusk that will pass off as a real tusk. According to Christy, “in the criminal world, ivory acts as currency”. He hopes to use these to hunt and find poachers like fake trackable money to capture them and eventually the leader of the LRA who has committed several crimes, including poaching. This design could be the way to capture him and others.


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