Essay On Elevator Social Experiment

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Elevator social experiment; a few people (actors - that were in on the experiment - knew what was happening and was playing a part in allowing the experiment to be conducted smoothly) entered an elevator, all facing the back (instead of what is ‘normal’; facing the door/front) a stranger/subject enters the lift of people facing away from the elevator door it was observed if the subject ‘conformed’ to their environment; whether if they slowly turned to ‘fit’ or ‘blend’ into their surroundings the actors swapped in and out of the elevator, the ones entering also facing the back of the elevator to allow the surrounding to seem more ‘normal’ a large majority of the ‘test subjects’ that entered the elevator had originally stood facing the door,…show more content…
however, large majority ended up changing to face the back of the elevator age can predict conformity; younger (youngest) to conform more often (more than 40% of the time), whilst the oldest are least likely to conform (14-24% depending on if they are middle-aged adult or late-age adult - respectively) men are more likely to conform fully, while women showed higher numbers of partial conformity Asch Experiment; subjects told they were participating in a perceptual experiment participants were each placed in a room with 7 “confederates” who were actually actors acting as to be also participants cards were shown to all the participants in their respective groups (with actors) and the participants were seated in a certain way so they would answer last (after each actor in their group) for the first two trials, the actors (everyone) answered correctly - with the most obvious answer after these two trials, they began to experiment whether the participant would also follow them (purposely giving obviously ‘wrong’ answers) subjects tend to follow their groups’ opinion due to ‘group pressure’ a majority of participants that participated (as the subject), tend to ‘follow’ the majority of the group → following their answers, despite knowing that the answer is obviously
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