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Do you know who Elie Wiesel is? He is a jewish boy who was born on September 30, 1928 in Sighet, Transylvania (which is now part of Romania). Wiesel had three sisters. His family influenced his life a lot. Shlomo (his dad) instilled a strong sense of humanism in Elie, encouraging him to learn Modern Hebrew and to read literature, whereas his mother encouraged him to study Torah and Kabbalah. Wiesel said “Hence my desire to forget neither where I come from nor what influenced my choices: the haunted sites of my childhood; the land of malediction where in an instant youngsters grew old; the people I met along the way.”(Wiesel 10). What I think he meant when he said that is that he can’t forget his childhood which apparently was a very bad childhood because he says “the haunted sites of my childhood” which by the word haunted makes me think he means bad. Elie and his family were sent to a concentration camp in Auschwitz and there split up, whereas Elie was with his father and his sisters were with his mother. Elie is a very…show more content…
One thing he accomplished is that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for speaking out against violence, repression, and racism. Another one of his accomplishments is that on November 30, 2006 Wiesel received an honorary knighthood in London in recognition of his work towards raising Holocaust education in the United Kingdom. He has also been honored with numerous prizes including “The Congressional Gold Medal” in 1985 and “The International Center in New York 's Award of Excellence”. Wiesel started the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and served as chairperson of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council from 1978 to 1986. He is also the Founding President of the Paris based Universal Academy of Cultures. Wiesel is also an author of many famous books like “Night”, “Dawn”, “Day”, and many more. Even though Wiesel had many obstacles throughout his life he still accomplished so
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