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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are considered as one of the services that devoted to provide out of hospital acute medical care, transport to definitive care, and transport medical patients with illnesses and injuries which prevent the patient from transporting themselves(1). Nowadays, The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system is considered as a network of services that are coordinated that delivers the medical care to the society. This network of services is coordinated in order to ensure that patients are provided with the medical service and treated in a proper way and also to ensure the efficient use of the available resources. These factors work together in order to reduce the costs of the health care. These factors also improve, develop…show more content…
The training level needed for EMS practitioners is a state decision. Each level of EMS practitioner is trained to perform different skills to assist patients (4). Paramedics’ services evaluate the medical needs and requirements of the urgent patients and are also responsible for stabilizing the patients’ conditions until physicians can manage and provide more extensive treatment for the patients who need the medical care. They are able to use life-saving medications and sophisticated medical equipment (5). Paramedics are responsible for replying to calls of emergency services in the cases of necessities including the necessity of life-saving assistance, acute life-threatening illnesses and severe automobile accidents. They usually arrive in ambulances resemble full hospitals on wheels, with life-support medication and machinery (6). Paramedics are also responsible for the basic life support including

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