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Emerging infection is an infection that is new meaning it has not been previously recognised in humans. HIV/AIDS is an example of an emerging infection. It appeared in the 20th century; HIV was first recognised in 1981 but was likely around for decades. The human species had never had a pandemic of HIV before, so it is a classical emerging infection of profound global health impact. The emergence of an infection can be due to several factors like genetic mutation and the environmental factors

Emergent virus infection factors
• Population movements
• Deforestation
• Irrigation
• Increased long distance air travel
• Urbanization
• Increased long distance air travel for livestock Migration

Re-emerging infection is an infection that has been previously recognised in human but are now experienced in a different circumstance. This can be different location, form or even different region. An example of a re-emerging infection is West nile infection, which has been around African and middle east for centuries. It got to the united state years back and it is now endemic at a relatively low level. West Nile virus is said
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As mentioned in my first paragraph, AIDS was first recognised in In 1981 and It was recognised as a global killer, AIDS now threatens to excel the Black Death of the 14th century and the influenza pandemic which was from 1918–1920. Each of which killed not less than 50 million people (Kohn,G, 1995). Some of the emerging and ‘re-emerging diseases that have followed the appearance of AIDS have been minor curiosities, for example; in 2003 there were cases of monkey pox imported into the United States (Wisconsin, 2003) whereas other infections. Such as severe acute respiratory syndrome emerged in the same year, but have had a worldwide impact. Emerging infections can be expected to remain a considerable Challenge for the future. (Johnson,N

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