Essay On Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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Emotional Intelligence: Application in the workplace
The ability to identify and control one’s own emotions, and in the process recognize, comprehend, and inspire the emotions of others is critical to effective leadership and management in the corporate sector. These, according to Goleman, are the critical benchmarks and essential components used to define emotional intelligence (Goleman, What makes a Leader?). Goleman further comments that the primary pillars of emotional intelligence are in the understanding of the self, and nurturing an understanding of others through the building of networks and strong relationships around the individual (Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ).
The useful application of emotional intelligence in the workplace has been attributed to the enhanced performance of individuals – the managers, supervisors and junior staff as well. Also, there has been evidence from empirical research of better work attitudes, reinforced behavior at the workplace and improved outcomes. Also, there was a significant reduction in the conflicts arising from a work-family imbalance. The study, however, did not conclusively find a link between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction (Carmeli).
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One of these is the ability of the manager to determine the emotionally stable persons within the organization. Such people, depending on the task at hand, may be grouped together, or each given a leadership or supervisory role over others with a lower emotional intelligence score. The reason behind this, as articulated by Beck, is the fact that emotionally intelligent people perform better in groups. The author further suggests the presence of a strong but complex link between emotional intelligence and various aspects of transformational leadership. However, the connection was also dependent on the type of work done (Beck 198 -
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