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Being brilliant is important in life, but being emotionally intelligent is essential for a leader. As a human, we experience a lot of emotions in our life and emotion plays a crucial role in adapting events of daily life through our actions or reactions. But emotions have always been considered as a part of personal life and had been ignored in professional life. The word “Emotional intelligence” had become popular since last two decades when Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence became bestselling book around the world. Emotional intelligence is person’s ability to perceive, understand, use and manage emotions of oneself and others. Emotional Quotient determines one’s level of Emotional Intelligence by a taking test. Leadership is…show more content…
Some psychologists like Dana Joseph and Daniel Newman analyzed emotional intelligence was not persistently linked with better performance because some professions require extensive attention to emotions like Sales person, property agents, customer care representatives, and counselors where higher emotional intelligence means better performance. They can read others and regulate emotion and deal with the stressful situation. However, some technical jobs like scientists, mechanics,, and accountants involve less emotional demand and hence highly emotional intelligent employees could lead to lower job performance as employees were paying attention to emotions rather than focusing on their tasks (Grant, 2014). If someone is good at controlling their own emotions, they can misrepresent their actual feelings to get their work done. Also, when someone understand other’s feelings, then they can cleverly play with someone’s emotions and motivate them to act per their own best interests. For example, Adolf Hitler who used his emotional intelligence to manipulate Germans when the defeat of Germany left them in despair and vulnerable condition. Professor, Jochen Menges, identified that Hitler convinced Germans by expressing his emotions strategically with his EI capabilities and these emotions affected his followers that they followed their leader blindly and tightly unified way. Hence when people have selfish motives then emotional intelligence becomes a weapon for manipulating

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