Reflection Of Emotional Memory

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During this realism unit, I learned how to effectively use emotional memory to make my final performance more realistic yet dramatic. Since emotional memory is a theatre technique where the performer recalls an emotion once felt, I tried my best to remember an occasion where I was extremely frustrated so that it would fit my character, George’s mental and physical state during the scene I acted in. Although it was mostly successful, I do believe that it would have been easier to play George in a scene where he was depressed, as sadness is an emotion more familiar to me than frustration. Furthermore, even though I did successfully recall a time when I was frustrated, it was still somewhat difficult to apply the emotion to George, since George was both angry and drunk. In order to play George, I had to keep reminding myself that I was a drunk man since drunk and sober people express their anger in different ways. A sober person would usually try to contain himself/herself when he/she is angry, while a drunk person would usually openly express it to his/her’s peers that he/she is very angry. Another way that my group used to make our performance more realistic was to pay attention to our props, set,…show more content…
She was very convincing in her role as Martha as consistently glared and teased at George (Victoria) which was very funny yet realistic. Her attempts in following the aspects of realism was successful, as her dialogue did not seem flat and was delivered very convincingly. Moreover, she placed a big emphasis on her behavior and decisions which was evident as she consistently crossed her arms and bossed George around, which made her role as Martha extremely realistic. The settings were also very realistic, as Mahak kept sitting on the couch and reading the newspaper that was on the table, which added onto Martha’s bossy

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