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Emotional Quotient (EQ), also known as Emotional Intelligence, is the ability to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate one 's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. On the other hand, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a measurement that indicates a person 's ability to learn, understand, and apply information and skills in a meaningful way. However, there is a saying that EQ is more important than IQ for most people in attaining success in their life and career. One 's achievement does not merely depend on their IQ, but also depends on their relationships with others and how they interact with other people. People who function at a high rate of emotional intelligence have the ability to adjust their behaviors and are more effective at recognizing and managing their own emotions and that of others. EQ equals interpersonal effectiveness, which means the more effective you are with others, the more successful you’ll be. EQ is a learned skill and can be honed over time, unlike IQ, which is inborn and remains constant throughout one 's life. Being in touch with your feelings allows you to manage stress levels and…show more content…
One of the key aspects in managing your emotional quotient is to have high self-awareness. In fact, it is the most fundamental factor in achieving high emotional intelligence. So, what is self-awareness? According to Crisp & Turner, 'Self-awareness is a psychological state in which people are aware of their traits, feelings and behaviour. Alternately, it can be defined as the realization of oneself as an individual entity. ' [2] Basically, it is you knowing that you as an emotional and physical being, exist. In a research conducted by Lewis and Brooks-Gun in 1979, self-awareness emerges as early as the age of 18 months. [3] Although we start developing self-awareness at such young age, more often than not we still don 't fully understand ourselves and sometimes there will be some weaknesses that are present in us but we prefer not to
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