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Introducing the new employee to the job, organisational environment and the fellow co-workers serves as the final step of the employment process. i. Meaning of Induction Induction in simple terms is “Introducing the new recruits to the organisation’s flow of work and making them comfortable with their day to day activities”. Definition of induction by business dictionary, “Training provided to new employees by the employer in order to assist in adjustment to their new job tasks and to help them become familiar with their new work environment and the people working around them. This type of training will also outline the basic overview of the business and its services as well as the new employee's role in the environment” Induction programme is organised for the new recruits to familiarise them with the work culture of the organisation. The plan of induction has to be structurally organised. Only a well-planned induction will meet its deliverables. The checklist to draft a good induction plan are as follows: a. Structuring the induction plan b. Listing down the checklist c.…show more content…
Purpose Various studies have shown that induction training directly affects employee attrition rate. It is a well-known fact that more than 25% of new employees decide to stay with or quit an organization in the first week of their stint. Employee training is very important for the organization, and delivering an effective induction training program to new employees who join the company should be its first priority. The main purpose of induction training is to integrate new employees into the company and make them understand the systems and procedures followed by the organization. Induction training helps new employees settle down quickly in the new work environment, and gives them a sense of belonging. It makes the employees feel at home in their new positions and working environment as quickly as possible so as to allow them to contribute effectively as soon as

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