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To be a good manager, you should possess the skills empowering and delegating. Empowerment means providing freedom for people to do successfully what they want to do, rather than getting them to do what you want them to do. Easily said, empowerment can be achieved by setting goals for employees, but let them free to find a way they can reach this goal. This is good to know because empowered employees are more productive and happier; empowerment also helps the organization stay flexible and adapt to changes. Delegating means almost same then empowerig. Delegation is also one of the most important management skills. Good delegation saves time, develops people, grooms a successor, and motivates. Poor delegation will cause frustration, demotivates…show more content…
In this chapter will be explained what these skills are. Also cases will be solved and a self-reflection will be done of this topic.
First, it is important to understand the difference between power and empowering. The power generated by external factors while empowering generated internal factors. Few people have the power. Empowering may be each. Power The purpose is to get others to do what you want, empowering aim is to get others to do my they want. Power leads to competition while empowering lead to cooperation.
For empowerment, there are five dimensions in empowerment; Self-efficacy, self-determination, personal consequences, meaningfulness and trust. Self-efficacy means that a leader must identify the personal qualifications of their duties. Colonel is plausible that the employee has the opportunity to perform a task given to him, as well as
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Empowered employees are more productive and happier. Empowerment also helps the organisation stay flexible and adapt to changes. Empowering helps to develop self-trust black people and help to overcome the feeling of powerlessness. Empowering people to take action to refresh and it will create internal

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