Essay On Empowering Teachers

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As educators, we have an enormous responsibility to serve as advocates for the students we teach. All children, regardless of their background, must be taught to believe they can succeed. As a teacher, I serve as the cheerleader for my students. I challenge my students to expand their beliefs in their ability and continue to push them to achieve more. I give encouragement, a listening ear, and advice letting my students know that someone believes in them and is there for them. Students must be given every opportunity to actively participate in their own learning, regardless of their current ability-level, status, or background. Not only do teachers need to focus on the resilience and strengths of their students, but we, as teachers, must…show more content…
Empowering teachers to lead and transform the teaching profession serves as the key to raising achievement for all students. Every child has the right to an education and the potential to learn. Research shows that the most important school-based factor impacting a student’s academic success is the quality of their classroom teacher. To prepare our students to meet the demands of the increasingly complex and global world, we need to develop improved systems to recruit, prepare, support, reward, and retain excellent teachers. In education, we not only need to support first-year teachers, but we must continue to support teachers throughout their teaching career. This includes pre-service teachers, first-year teachers, novice teachers, teachers seeking National Board Certification, and experienced teachers. Teachers need the opportunity to lead without leaving the classroom. Too often we encourage our most effective teachers to leave the classroom to become leaders by entering administration positions. Instead, we should encourage teachers to remain in the classroom while leading and mentoring other teachers at the same
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