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Language is not only a means of communication used every day to express our selves, but is also an identity of our cultures, our lifestyles and communities. Coming to what an endangered language is, the language at risk of falling out of use due to various reasons. Loss of a language is a loss of both the identity and the culture of that community. Language loss occurs when the language has no more native speakers and becomes a dead language. And if no one speaks the language at all, it eventually becomes extinct. The rate at which languages are getting endangered is increasing due to the dominance of other economically powerful languages.
This paper is an attempt to present about the endangered languages. It is also going to look into the various reasons leading to such a situation by quoting a few examples, effect of endangerment on the communities and the language, and response of the people towards these languages.
Article by Matthias Brenzinger and Tjeerd de Graaf titled, "Documenting Endangered languages and language maintenance has been one of my major source of information. FEW STATISTICS:
The number of languages existing, endangered and extinct in the world is unknown. The general consensus is that there are between
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There are a few linguists who argue that death of a language is a natural process and is a part of the human cultural development. They also say that languages die because communities stop speaking them for their own reasons. The late phonetician, Peter Ladefoged argued that linguists should just document and describe languages scientifically, but not try to interfere with the ongoing process of language loss (Ladefoged). A similar view has been argued by another linguist Salilolo Mufwene. He sees the death of a language as an emergence of new languages through creolization as an ongoing process.
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