Essay On Ender's Game Movie Vs Book

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Do you think you could handle having the fate of the world in your hands? Well, this prodigy, Ender Wiggin, did not think he could handle it, he could not even handle fighting with his brother Peter. In the book Enders Game, a science fiction novel, Ender Wiggin is called upon to train in the International Fleet to become a commander and fight against the buggers. In his journey he faces many obstacles, like his brother, bullies, and Command School. I believe the book Ender’s Game is more exceptional than the film because of the development of characters and events that happens in the book, and the hardship Ender faces to become a great leader against the buggers. Throughout the story of Ender’s Game, Ender is constantly being isolated by Colonel Graff in order for Ender to think, make decisions, and respond to situations by himself. This isolation is to prepare Ender to become a great leader in battle. In the story, Graff orders to have Ender’s monitor taken out to observe how Ender responds to mistreatment from bullies. He responds by beating up Stilson badly so that Stilson never bullies him again, to win all the other fights as Ender said. If Ender did not respond in this way, then maybe Colonel Graff…show more content…
These similarities provided character development, which led to important events, and obstacles Ender faced. Some of the most important similarities are the removal of Ender’s monitor and him beating up Stilson after, Ender playing the mind games, Mazer Rackham mentoring him, and Valentine trying to convince Ender to go back to space and finish his training. The most important similarity was Ender discovering the last bugger pupa and trying to find a planet where he can put it so the buggers can peacefully colonize again. All of these made the book and movie all that much better, because they all had profound impacts on the
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