Essay On Endometriosis

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Endometriosis While other women may have it easy to get impregnated or are making the decision to terminate their pregnancy, there are other women who are not able to have their own children. Some women decide to terminate their pregnancy based on social stigma or abusive situations. There are others who die trying to have a normal sex life and become pregnant. One of the most painful and dreadful moments is knowing that you cannot conceive a “seed” of your own. A common condition known in gynecology is endometriosis. This condition tends to make your period even more painful than the usual making it more discomforting. It is difficult to engage with your partner in sexual intercourse because in some cases you can have experience…show more content…
It spreads to the uterus, fallopian tubes which then gets to the ovaries. In the pelvis, it affects your bladder and some other areas of the abdominal walls. The spleen, gallbladder, stomach, nasal mucosa, spinal canal, lungs, breast, diaphragm, pleura, and pericardium are sites that are more distant away from the main sites. Regardless of how far the site may be it can still be affected by the lesions or “chocolate” cyst. In the stages of endometriosis you can experience different types of effects and stages. The stages are referred to as Stage I to Stage IV. The reproductive system can be compromised and cause infertility. Anatomically the disruption of pelvic structures, multiple production and activation of peritoneal macrophages cause the inflammation of the lower abdominal cavity. It may bring about an ectopic pregnancy since the fallopian tube may be infected and the egg may stick to one of the cyst. The pain is felt in the lower two quadrants of the abdominal cavity. It is also felt within the vagina or rectum during the menstrual cycle. In many cases the person’s organs will no longer appear smooth and pink but have bloody lesions, black speckles and blood clots around the
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