Endurance Exercise Analysis

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Endurance exercise refers to a type of exercise that consists of regular, repetitive, and constant movements that involve same large muscle groups with minimum of 10 minutes such as walking, bicycling, jogging, continuous swimming, water aerobics, and many more with the aim of improving cardiorespiratory fitness which can be achieved if the exercise is being performed regularly at adequate intensity and frequency (Sigal, Kenny, Wasserman, Casteneda-Sceppa, 2010). When performing this exercise, the body will undergoes some physiological changes which can benefits everyone and in this case, diabetic patients.
In general, this exercise causes a change to a mixture of free fatty acids, glycogen stores and circulating glucose. The circulating glucose
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Golbidi & Laher (2012) state that human may develop a different kinds of antioxidant system to govern ROS production and circulation. Performing aerobic exercise on regular basis slows down the build-up of ROS-mediated cell damage by enhancing the antioxidative protective mechanism in the heart or to be specific, myocardium. That to be said, exercise helps to increase antioxidant level. There is a link between myocardial antioxidants and exercise-induced cardioprotection that involves a contributory role for manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) (Demirel, Powers, Zergeroglu, Shanely, Hamilton, Coombes, Naito, 2001). In general, whether it is short-term or long-term, aerobic exercise can increase the myocardial MnSOD activity (Demirel et. al., 2001) which also plays a role against irregular heartbeat (Hamilton, Quindry, French, Staib, Hughes, Mehta, Powers,…show more content…
Sadar, Bohgrabadi, Sohrabi, Aminzadeh, Jalalian (2014) thought that this aspect may be affected since aerobic exercise can caused changes in structure and biochemistry of muscles as well as Vo2max. Therefore, better changes can be obtained such as improvement in in oxidative enzymes and capillary density that lead to improvement in the process of changes in glucose and insulin resistance level. Furthermore, mental-social status may be improved when performing aerobic exercise since there will be stimulation of central nervous system and release of endorphin. In addition, exercise uses extra calories in order to stimulate more releasing of endorphin which enhance a sense of well-being, improve blood circulation and basal metabolism (Sadar et. al,

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