Essay On Energy Drinks

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In today 's society, if we appear to be exhausted, while knowing that we have to be on the run, we turn ourselves to energy drinks. Little do we know that every time we consume a single sip of an energy drink, we are literally creating a crucial complication towards our body. The innumerable quantities of caffeine and sugar that we devour stimulates each and every part of the body. Individuals have been replacing protein bars and other athletic beverages for real food (McCarthy). Becoming addicted to energy drinks relates to type 2 diabetes, even long-term effects such as heart issues, but most of all death. It is urgent that we pace the amount of caffeine from energy drinks that we ingest on a daily basis. When it comes to tedious duties…show more content…
She then proceeded to drink energy drinks, because it soothes her self-esteem. Eventually, she then found herself purchasing various amounts at the grocery store. She said that she was not being herself and that she was found herself a fond of energy drinks and couldn 't go a day without it. Without a sip of any energy drink, she felt uncomfortable" (Ellwood). Energy drinks in the past years have thrived into the economy. They come in a towering can that is designed to captivate children and adolescent with slogans. Energy drinks are more likely to be consumed by teenagers than adults. However, down the future these risks could have a major negative effect on their subsequent health other than adults. Teenagers are constantly maturing, and their bodies aren 't fully developed; the intake of a can of energy drink prohibits their bodies from functioning on a daily basis. Many energy drinks consist of artificial stimulants that cause countless effects to their brain. The body will naturally venture to dilute the heavy intake of sugar and caffeine, but without the balance throughout the body, then the body begins to fail. This is an issue that we have to take
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