The Pros And Cons Of Energy Drinks

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Should Energy drinks be eliminated in high school sports? Energy drinks should not be eliminated because they help your athletic performance in sports. "The topic is controversial because so many people think energy drinks are bad for you but they are really good for you in so many ways they improve your athletic ability and help you stay up in class or at night so you can study to keep up. They improve your athletic performance and make you stay awake and in focus for longer than usual" (Knighton).Although people think energy drinks are bad for you however, they improve your athletic performance. Energy drinks can help you get a better grade in school. "Energy drinks have become increasingly popular among high school athletes in recent years"…show more content…
Sugary drinks are not good for you they make your teeth decay and other problems. Drinks with a lot of sugar usually have a crash or break down slower than usual after a while. Energy drinks can be low or high on sugar depending on the brand your taste flavor or type of energy drink you would want. There are a bunch of different flavors of energy drinks like grape peach or something like that to make it taste better there is also low carbonation types also if you are at risk with something. People in our age and culture think that energy are not good for you but they let you stay up to study or help you run longer and faster. Energy drinks help your listening and staying up skills greatly. This all relates to my thesis in how energy drinks should be used in high school athletic sports and not banned from high school sports. When you use energy drinks you athletic performance will greatly improve. People don 't know that energy drinks help you in so many different ways. The consequences of not using energy drinks is that you will not use your maximum ability in the sport that you are in at the time. It 's socially relevant in how people

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